Sports Betting – Bankroll Management A Must For Maximum Profit

A few years ago one of my clients sent me an email telling me that he stopped my service and stopped betting on sports … Ok, so this happens all the time, but what makes this very surprising is that we are in the middle of being wrong one of our best seasons in 12 years. Our members rose by almost 100 units and are still strong. I happened to have this person’s phone number and my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to call him, something I rarely do.

Apparently, he was broke. “How”? I asked him, “We went up to almost 100 units and became a bettor for $ 100.00. You must be in your glory”. Well (we will call him Sam) Sam was in a winning streak so he decided to double and double his game for the coming week and as expected, he had a losing week so that it wiped out 3 weeks of Trusted Online Slot profits Judi Slot Jackpot.

After losing 1/3 of his money, I have decided to double again so that he can get back the money he lost the previous week. I also added 5 games myself to the bet. Sam is not a handicapper, which is why he uses professional services, guess what, we have a winning week, but he lost all 5 of his own choices. Sam went bankrupt in just two weeks after 10 consecutive weeks.

This story is not unusual in sports betting or any form of gambling for that matter. People have a tendency to panic when on a losing streak and get greedy when on a winning streak and thus fall prey to “wailing to lose”. I have seen many examples where sports bettors have a winning percentage but still lose money. Vince Lombardi once said of NFL football “on a particular Sunday” referring to how even the best worst games can end in a defeat on a particular Sunday.

Choosing a winner is definitely a must in winning sports betting, but betting strategies and bankroll management can be more important and have a greater impact on your profits.

The best bankroll management system I’ve ever seen is called “25/5”. The key to all forms of gambling is “minimizing losses” while “maximizing wins” and no one, but no one does any form of gambling without occasional loss. The “25/5” bankroll management system has a built-in automatic formula to find out exactly how much of your money you have to bet on any event or on any day to minimize losses and maximize victory, take an estimate of how much you should bet and with thus giving the discipline of doubling or triple your bet to “get revenge”.

This is how it works …. this is really very simple …. The name of the system gives the first rule.

Never bet more than 25% of your total bankroll on a certain day or more than 5% on each game. So, if you have an initial bankroll of $ 1000.00, (this is money set aside solely for betting, not your rent or food) by the rules, you will never risk more than $ 250.00 (25% from $ 1000.00) on certain days of football action. So, if you play 5 times that day, you will bet $ 50.00 (5 divided into $ 250.00) on each game. If you have said 8 games that day, you will divide 8 into your available bankroll for that day for $ 250.00, giving you a bet of $ 31.25 or a bet of $ 30.00 (5% rule) if you want to round it off. The number of games less than 5 will fall to the 5% rule, so if you only have one game, your maximum bet for that day is $ 50.00. If you have one game that is stronger than the others and you want to say put 3 times more on that game than the others, then you will count it as really 3 plays. For example if you have 5 dramas for that day, 4 are one drama unit and 1 is 3 drama units, you will really look for a formula as if you were making 7 dramas. Dividing 7 into your $ 250.00 will give you a bet amount of $ 35.00. So, you will make a bet of $ 35.00 for each of your 4 play units and $ 105.00 for betting on your 3 units. You will remain within the 25% rule because your total bet is $ 245.00, so it remains below your maximum $ 250.00. Following this rule will take an estimate of how much to bet on a certain day and help you

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